Rare Gourmet Coffee: Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans Eaten and Passed by Exotic Indonesian Civet

by admin on February 25, 2007

Rare Gourmet CoffeeKopi Luwak Makes Strange Journey – Coffee Beans Eaten & Passed Through Exotic Indonesian Animal Then Harvested by Hand From Forest Floor

Parlin, New Jersey – Gourmet Coffee Retailer announces availability of the rarest and most exotic gourmet coffee ever, Kopi Luwak Blend, through their online coffee and tea store. Kopi Luwak gourmet coffee actually passes completely through the digestive tract of the exotic Indonesian Palm Civet (Luwak) without being digested by the animal.

The Palm Civet, long seen as a pest on coffee plantations, eats and eventually passes the undigested coffee cherries in it’s waste. The beans are then patiently harvested from the forest floor near coffee plantations and carefully roasted. The digestive juices of the animal are said to very slightly ferment the beans without harming them, adding a gentle nutty flavor to the roasted beans that is highly prized by the discriminating coffee gourmet.

The strange origins of this extremely rare gourmet coffee make it very labor intensive and time consuming for those gathering the coffee cherries from widespread animal waste. This expensive process starts a long strange journey with the Civet eating ripe coffee cherries from the coffee trees. The cherries then make their way through the digestive tract of the exotic Indonesian animal and finally to the ground to be gathered, separated, cleaned and sent to the skilled coffee roaster.

The first time the undigested coffee cherries were discovered in the waste of the Palm Civet, gathered and roasted cannot be traced with certainty, but gourmet coffee lovers willing to pay a premium for this extremely rare and exotic blend consider it worth the effort and trouble involved. This gourmet coffee can sometimes be seen priced as high as $300 per pound, but is available now at for far less, but extremely limited quantities of this rare gourmet coffee blend are available and it sells quickly.

This rarest of all gourmet coffees can be purchased online now, along with other fine, exotic coffees like Jamaican Blue Mountain. When you visit the Coffee Talk Blog, you can read what others think of this rare exotic coffee and find links to more information about the origins and background of Kopi Luwak gourmet coffee.

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