Coffee May Help Women With Depression

by admin on September 29, 2011

Great article published by Bloomberg on  study which shows that drinking regular coffee helps combat depression in women. The study states that women who drank four or greater cups of coffee a day decreased their risk of depression by 20 percent over women who drank one cup per day. This study adds to the numerous other studys about the benefit’s of coffee. The study’s findings applied only to coffee and did not include caffeinated sodas or energy drinks. The study also obviously does not apply to decaf coffee. If you want to read the entire article click on this link  Now back to my cup of Alto Grande mmmm…


While drinking my morning cup of Yauco Selecto I came across a very interesting almost unbelievable article. Seems a group of scientitsts are working on printing food. I am not talking about pictures of food but actual edible food!.

There are a group of researchers at the Cornell Creative Machines Lab who are experimenting with the idea that one could create real food with printers. Ok these are not the ordinary printers we currently use they are 3-D “food printers”. The thought is that these 3-D food printers would eventually be a common household or restaurant appliance like your current stove, refrigerator or microwave would be.

The technology uses inks which are edible and what they call “digital blueprints” the current printer can make precision treats from sugar cookies to other treats that take various forms.  Right now everything this magical printer creates is raw so in the future when you want that cup of coffee will you fire up the printer instead? no idea.. but I am going back to my Yauco Selecto made the good old fashioned way.

If you want to read the article here is the link



Never Forget 9/11

September 11, 2011

On this Sept 11th the ten year anniversary of 9/11 our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who died or who lost someone on that day.  Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the men and women in the armed forces that have fought and are still fighting to keep our country safe.

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Hurricane Irene

August 27, 2011

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by and in Hurricane Irene’s path. Please heed the warnings and be safe plan for the worst and hope for the best.

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Dark French Roast Definition Coffee Dictionary

August 21, 2011

Dark French Roast:  Coffee roasted to an extremely dark color (a rich, chocolate brown).  It has a sharp spicy flavor with a smoky-like aftertaste. Coffee Dictionary

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Cupping Definition Coffee Dictionary

August 20, 2011

Cupping:  Process used by professional coffee tasters to evaluate different characteristics of a coffee bean.  The coffee is tasted both hot and cool.  The categories that are evaluated are aroma, acidity, body, and flavor Coffee Dictionary

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Inferior Unlicensed Jamica Blue Mountain Coffee Will Be Removed From Shelves

August 17, 2011

Here at Tastes Of The World we have been saying for years that not all Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is true Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. There are many “blends” out there that say they are Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee but are a watered down version. Recently I was at an eatery and they tried to [...]

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Best Buzz For Your Buck Fast Food Coffee Comparison

August 14, 2011

Found this video on daily finance where a comparison was done with coffee from several different fast food establishments. The goal of this coffee drink off was to determine which cup of coffee gave one the best “buzz’ for the buck. Link to the full article is below the video. Hope you enjoy!.

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Cucuta Definition Coffee Dictionary

August 13, 2011

Cucuta:  Market name for a coffee that is grown in Columbia, but shipped through Maracaibo, Venezuela. Coffee Dictionary

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Tables Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds

August 12, 2011

Ok… so people are becoming more environmentally conscious and many advances have been made to help reduce impact on the environment. Here is an interesting idea I came across this morning with alto grande in hand. There is a company in the U.K. that has created a material that they use to create items and this [...]

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